Believe it or not, this year was my first time ever shopping for Christmas tree decorations. All my life my parents took care of buying the decorations and since I moved out my husband and I have had the same faux Christmas tree which came with some baubles, string lights and other decorations. Therefore, I never actually bothered buying them. However, this year I really wanted our Christmas tree to look special, so I purchased some ornaments and other decorations to spice it up.

There are some incredible Christmas tree decorations out there, but they are so expensive. Personally, I feel like the expensive ones are an investment and definitely worth it, because you can reuse them year after year, but since my husband and I are planning to move to another country in the next 3 years, I don’t want to spend a lot of money on things I won’t be able to bring with us. Thus, I went for the cheaper alternatives.

I decided to go for a silver, gold and baby pink colour theme. However, I was actually struggling to find baby pink Christmas tree decorations that were a reasonable price. Most of the ones I stumbled upon came in sets mixed with other colours, but I couldn’t bring myself to buy all these baubles just to get a few baby pink ones. Moreover, I was very skeptical of buying baubles online, because I was scared that they will arrive damaged as most are so delicate. In the end I did manage to find some decorations that I absolutely love, so I decided to share them with you.

Wilko Christmas tree decorations

Christmas tree decorations

I went to most of the affordable retailers to check out their Christmas tree decorations, including Pounland, Poundworld, 99p stores and Primark, but Wilko has killed it this year. I absolutely loved almost every single Christmas tree ornament they had in store and they are so reasonably priced.

All of these were £1.50 or under! The frosted pearly stars are absolutely stunning and they were 80p each! I’m obsessed with them. The silver glitter cherub and silver glitter dove were £1.50 each and the gold glitter raindeers were £1 each.

Christmas tree baubles

I also picked up some of these small glitter baubles as they were only £1. I got the white glitter baubles, silver glitter baubles and pink/blue glitter baubles.

Poundworld Christmas tree decorations

Christmas tree decorations

I also found some gems in Poundworld. Of course each of the items were £1, besides the gold glitter baubles, they were actually 50p each. I’m super happy with the photo frame decoration as it makes our tree even more special and unique.

I hope you enjoyed my first ever haul and I’m excited to post more hauls in the future.

Where did you purchase your Christmas tree decorations this year and what colour theme did you go for?



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