I am so happy it’s finally December. December is such a magical month because of Christmas and I’ve decided to share the Christmas magic with you by doing blogmas.

Blogmas is a blogger tradition where bloggers post at least once a day for 25 days beginning 1st of December. Most bloggers dedicate their posts entirely to Christmas, but blogmas posts don’t necessarily need to be about the festive season at all. It’s actually up to you what you want to post as long as you post at least once a day. However, if you do decide to do blogmas dedicated to Christmas, these blog post ideas are for you.

I’ve split up the blogmas post ideas into different categories – beauty, fashion, food, lifestyle and miscellaneous to ensure there is something for every niche. However, blogmas is a great time to branch out of your niche and fill your blog with different content. Feel free to take ideas from all the categories and make a plan for your own unique blogmas.

Although, most people who are participating in blogmas this year probably have already planned and most likely scheduled their blogmas posts, I feel like this post is a good reference in case things don’t go as planned. This post is also for those who have decided to do blogmas last minute or will get inspired to do it next year. Moreover, it is an indication of what kind of posts you can expect to see on my blog this month.

blogmas post ideas

100 Blogmas Post Ideas


  1. Christmas beauty wishlist
  2. Favourite Christmas nail polishes
  3. Christmas gift guide for beauty lovers
  4. Favourite red lipsticks for the holiday season
  5. Christmas makeup look ideas
  6. Winter pamper routine
  7. DIY beauty advent calendar
  8. Festive nail ideas
  9. LUSH Christmas haul
  10. Winter skincare routine
  11. DIY Christmas scented bath bomb
  12. Christmas beauty essentials
  13. Favourite winter face masks
  14. Beauty stocking fillers for under £10
  15. Hairstyles for the festive season
  16. Favourite winter perfumes
  17. DIY Christmas scented sugar scrub
  18. Winter haircare routine
  19. Favourite beauty products of 2017
  20. DIY face mask for cold weather


  1. Christmas jumper collection
  2. Christmas OOTD (outfit of the day)
  3. Favourite Christmas jewellery
  4. Best Christmas party dresses
  5. Fashion gift guide
  6. Christmas pyjama wishlist
  7. Favourite winter outfits
  8. Must have accessories for winter
  9. Christmas lookbook
  10. DIY Christmas jumper
  11. Favourite fashion trends this winter
  12. Winter boot collection
  13. Fashion wishlist
  14. How to style LBD this Christmas
  15. Christmas pyjama collection
  16. Winter capsule wardrobe
  17. 3 ways to style a Christmas jumper
  18. DIY Christmas accessories
  19. Winter coat collection
  20. Heels you need for the holiday season


  1. Christmas cake recipe
  2. Favourite Christmas foods
  3. Festive cocktail ideas
  4. Review of a restaurant’s Christmas menu
  5. Festive snack ideas
  6. How to make a gingerbread house
  7. Christmas pudding recipe
  8. Christmas Day menu ideas
  9. How to cook the perfect Christmas turkey
  10. Gift ideas for a foodie
  11. 3 amazing salads to make on Christmas Day
  12. Christmas platter ideas
  13. Healthy Christmas snacks
  14. The perfect Christmas stuffing
  15. Christmas punch recipe
  16. The best eggnog recipe
  17. Christmas baking
  18. Festive hot chocolate recipe
  19. Christmas Day food haul
  20. Christmas breakfast ideas


  1. Favourite Christmas songs
  2. Christmas traditions you grew up with
  3. Christmas wishlist
  4. How to survive Boxing Day sales
  5. Favourite Christmas movies
  6. Christmas decoration wishlist
  7. Holiday bucket list
  8. How to host the perfect Christmas party
  9. Favourite Christmas books
  10. Christmas decor inspiration
  11. Christmas on a budget
  12. What you’re grateful for this Christmas
  13. Christmas tag
  14. Gift guide (for him, for her, for a blogger etc.)
  15. Christmas game ideas for the family
  16. A guide to your local Christmas market
  17. Winter Wonderland trip
  18. Christmas shopping survival guide
  19. Last minute gift ideas
  20. Christmas tree reveal


  1. Blogmas post ideas
  2. Christmas giveaway
  3. DIY Christmas cards
  4. Printable Christmas tags
  5. The history of Christmas
  6. DIY decorations under £5
  7. Printable Christmas wrapping paper
  8. DIY Santa hat
  9. Christmas fonts
  10. DIY Christmas wreath
  11. Christmas card ideas
  12. Christmas cracker jokes
  13. DIY Christmas tags
  14. Gift wrapping ideas
  15. Secret Santa gift ideas
  16. Christmas Day from your pet’s point of view
  17. DIY Christmas garland
  18. Handmade Christmas gift ideas
  19. Christmas photo props and background ideas
  20. DIY Christmas tree ornaments

I hope you will enjoy the content I will be posting in the next couple of weeks! Are you doing blooms this year?



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