I am currently in my last year of University and graduation is approaching quite fast. Therefore, I’m already planning what I’m going to wear and the appointments I will book to look the best I can on the big day. I think it’s super important to plan months ahead to make sure you look amazing on the day. The same applies for prom. I regret not planning ahead for my prom, because I’m not the biggest fan of my prom photos.

Of course, everyone has a different idea of the perfect graduation/prom. Some look forward to a sophisticated evening – a limo ride, dinner at a fancy restaurant, dancing, and an after party. Some look forward to have a fabulous night with their special someone. Whereas, some look forward to a fun, casual evening celebrating everything they’ve accomplished with their friends and family. However, I think one thing everyone has in common is wanting to look picture perfect.¬†Thus, I wanted to share a few beauty and style tips to ensure you look fabulous on your special day whether that’s graduation or prom.

picture perfect graduation


I recommend looking for some hair inspiration on Pinterest. You can also find some great hairstyle ideas on various beauty and lifestyle blogs/sites. If you want to get your hair done professionally, book an appointment at least one month in advance.

Don’t do anything drastic just before your graduation or prom. If you want to dye your hair a different colour or even bleach it, I would recommend to do it at least a month prior to the big day. The same goes for a new hair cut. If you’re happy with the new colour/style then you can always refresh it a day or a few days before your prom/graduation.


I think most of us want our skin to be glowing and looking super healthy on the day. Thus, I recommend getting a tan. Here in the UK, it’s quite difficult to get a natural tan, so tanning products are a saviour. If you do decide to use any tanning products, I recommend to try them at least several weeks or at least a month before your prom/graduation. If you want to get a spray tan, then I also recommend to book your appointment in advance.

I’m planning to start having facials once a month from January to ensure that my skin looks amazing for my graduation. Of course, if your skin is not problematic, you can only get a facial before the big day. However, I recommend to schedule your facial at least three to four days or even a week before, so that any redness or irritation will fade.

Nails and Makeup

If you’re planning to get a professional manicure and pedicure, book your appointment at least a few weeks or a month in advance. You may also want to start whitening your teeth a few weeks before the event. Getting your nails done on the day will ensure they look flawless, but you may want to have your manicure and pedicure done the day before so that you’re not feeling rushed. If you’re doing your own makeup, be sure to practice at least once before the day itself. However, if you want to get your makeup done professionally, I would also recommend finding the perfect makeup artist and booking your appointment a few weeks in advance.

The Dress!

The centrepiece of your look is, of course the dress! Again, it’s important to pick a dress in advance, so that you can coordinate your shoes, nails, makeup, and maybe your date’s tie. I would recommend staying away from the little black dress and choose something a little bit more out there to make that day a little more memorable. Red was all over the runway this season. Thus, you can shop for 2018 red prom dresses at a local dress retailer or online.

Hopefully, you’ve found some helpful tips. The most important advice of all is have fun and don’t forget to take tons of photos!


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