I was kindly sent this Oyster Skincare Brightening Eye Serum * for review purposes over a month ago. Ever since I received it, I have been using it religiously every night and almost every morning and I’m very pleased with the results.

oyster skincare brightening eye serum

In all honesty, I’ve never really used any skincare on the eye area before. I have tried a few eye creams, but not long enough for them to make a difference. However, since I’ve started blogging I’ve stopped being lazy and have been really sticking to my skincare routine. Thus, I was really excited to finally take care of my neglected eye area with this serum.

The serum has gel consistency which I love and it has a slight cooling effect when applied which I also like. Little definitely goes a long way with this product, so the 30ml will last a long time. I normally apply half a pump under both eyes and on the brow bone. The serum is not sticky unless you apply too much. It doesn’t affect makeup application. I haven’t experienced my makeup creasing or caking up when using this which is amazing. However, I do recommend waiting till the serum dries down completely before you apply makeup. It also smells lovely and very luxurious as the scent is a blend of lavender, grapefruit and mandarin oils.

oyster skincare brightening eye serum

My eye area concerns:

Luckily, I’m not cursed with bad under eye bags. However, my under eye area looks very dull due to dehydration. I also have tiny wrinkles/lines under my eyes which become very visible when I apply makeup. On top of that, I’ve had these little bumps under my eyes for the longest time. Apparently the bumps I have under my eyes are clogged pores because my skin overproduces oil in that area as I never used to moisturise it before.

under eye bumps


Oyster Skincare Brightening Eye Serum claims:

According to the brand the brightening eye serum is “super-enriched soothing eye gel that helps to reduce puffiness, refresh weary eyes, and tone and brighten the skin around them”.

Oyster Skincare Brightening Eye Serum ingredients:

The serum contains Hyaluronic Acid which helps to smooth out the skin as it helps the skin hold water. Thus, it effectively plumps the skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as improve the skin’s hydration and texture. It also contains Co-Enzyme Q10 which helps to protect the skin from photo-ageing (premature ageing due to over exposure to the sun); wrinkle-reducing Pentapeptides and Niacinamide which helps to reduce dark circles as it has skin-restoring benefits which deal with enlarged pores, uneven skin tone, fine lines and dullness.

See the full list of ingredients here.

oyster skincare brightening eye serum

My results from using Oyster Skincare Brightening Eye Serum:

Since I’ve been using this eye serum, the dullness under my eyes has improved a lot. My under eye area definitely looks much brighter and more even. The tiny wrinkles I have under my eyes haven’t improved at all. However, the thing that makes me absolutely love this product is the fact that it’s helping me get rid of the little bumps under my eyes. After a little over a month of use the little bumps have decreased so much and my under eye area feels so smooth and even. Before it was quite rough because of the bumps. Another thing I think is worth a mention is the fact that I’ve had a scar on my left brow bone since I was 5 and this has helped to make it look less visible.

oyster skincare brightening eye serum

After 1 month and 1 week

Overall rating: 5/5

Overall, I’m very impressed with the results I’ve had from using this eye serum and I definitely recommend you to try it. The serum retails for £20 and you can purchase it from Oyster Skincare’s website here. However, Amazon currently has a great deal here where you can get the serum for £12.95.

Have you tried this serum? Do you have any eye serum/cream recommendations?


*This product was sent to me for review purposes. However all opinions are my own and 100% honest. This post also contains affiliate links which help to support this site. Read my disclaimer if you have any concerns regarding this.

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  1. October 20, 2017 / 6:15 pm

    I currently eyes a Clarins eye cream but only because I was given it as a present. I don’t use it religiously, always forgetting about it but like you, my under eye area is so dull that I really should try harder to see if it works. Once I’ve ran out, I’m definitely going to look into trying this because I rarely see recommendations for eye cream and this sounds and looks like a saviour!!

    Steph x

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