I’ve seen this book appear on my Instagram feed quite a lot and I was always curious as to why is everyone so in love with this book. After a quick search on Google to see some reviews I realised that it’s mainly because everyone loves the author Aimee Song. Aimee is a blogger and she has over four million followers on Instagram. I have to be honest, I had never heard of Aimee before reading this book. I had a look at her Instagram, but unfortunately I did not hit the follow button, because her style is not my cup of tea and her photography is beautiful, but it is not any more impressive than the accounts I already follow and can seek style inspiration from.
I bought the book because I really want to grow my social media following and I thought the book will have some really useful tips that I might not know about. More than that, I thought the cover of the book is gorgeous and would make a cool prop for Instagram photos. I bought it from Amazon and it was £8.39. As soon as it was delivered I started reading it and it’s the first book I’ve read from cover to cover in years. The book is really easy to read and has some really beautiful visuals. However, the information in the book was pretty much useless to me. The first chapter of the book feels like something you would see in an ‘Instagram for Dummies’ book as it focuses on how to choose your Instagram handle, what are hashtags and explaining how you can follow people. I was quite disappointed as I’m sure majority of the people who have purchased this book already follow Aimee on Instagram so they are familiar on how to use it. Personally, I’ve been on Instagram for a couple of years. I used to use Instagram as a little photo journal of all my adventures and everything that makes me happy. However,  a year ago I decided that I want to have a solid theme so I deleted all of my photos and started taking photos and editing them in a way that would create a visual consistency. This is something that has been touched upon in the book, however it’s not really discussed on a level that I feel like is helpful as she just vaguely mentioned which apps you can use to edit your photos and how you shouldn’t post a selfie after selfie, but rather post something else in-between them, so that your Instagram grid looks more interesting. The apps she mentioned in the book I’ve actually been using for a couple of years now and you can find a lot more information on how to create an Instagram theme on Google and even YouTube.
The main focus of the book is actually on how to take good photos and this is why it was useless for me because I’m actually a qualified photographer. However, I do think the information in the book would be very useful to many other people as she touched upon the basics of photography in a very ‘easy to get’ way. The book also touches upon how you can grow your audience through hashtags, mentions/shout outs, timing and engagement with followers, as well as how to get paid through affiliate programs and working with brands. Despite that, I do not recommend this book unless you’re a fan of the author and want to support her, because like I previously mentioned all the information in the book can be found online for free.

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